F.A.Q. (English)

What is Hijos del Metal Magazine?
It’s a digital metal music magazine. With its fellow brother Hijos del Punk/Rock is now able to cover all kind of genres.

Is it a Webzine?
No. The web site serves only as storage for what is published inside the magazine.

Do you feed news?
There’s a public facebook group for news. There you can publish by yourself all the news related to your band, promotion agency, event…

What’s the magazine’s view scope?
We have views coming from all over the world with a range of 15000 downloads per release.

How can my band appear on the magazine?
Bands can send their physical material at the following address:

ask: hijosdelmetal@hotmail.com

Do you accept digital material?

Why not, you are a digital magazine above all?
Easy. We receive hundreds of digital materials from all over the world. Just to get thru all of them we would need 200 collaborators each release. On the other hand, physical material will allow you 100% appearance inside the magazine.

Do I have to pay to be included in the magazine?
Hell no. We decide whether to contact you for an interview or for promotion.

Can I ensure to leave the magazine an interview, review, publicity ...?

Yes, contact and ask of our promotional packs at:


Can we use your logo for our gigs?
Sure. Send us an e-mail and we’ll give you the best quality version of our logo.

Why we should use it?
We do promote gigs where our logo is featured on the bill. We also share it on our social media pages, groups and profiles even if we do not attend directly the event.

Can we use your photos of our gig for our own purposes?
No. All pictures displayed on our magazine are property of our photographers. You should ask them directly if you wish to use one or more for a non promotional purpose.

For any other issue please contact us at the following e-mail addresses:

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