domingo, 29 de enero de 2012

Every Time I Die, primeros tres "Making-of" de "Ex Lives".

Every Time I Die editarán su nuevo álbum, "Ex Lives", el 6 de Marzo a través de Epitaph Records.

El disco ha sido producido por Joe Baressi (The Melvins, Queens of the Sonte Age, Parkway Drive).

1. Underwater Bimbos From Outer Space
2. Holy Book Of Dilemma
3. A Wild, Shameless Plain
4. Typical Miracle
5. I Suck (Blood)
6. Partying Is Such Sweet Sorrow
7. The Low Road Has No Exits
8. Revival Mode
9. Drag King
10. Touch Yourself
11. Indian Giver
12. Grudge Music (bonus)
13. Business Casualty (bonus)
14. Starve An Artist, Cover Your Trash (bonus)

A continuación puedes ver los primeros tres "Making-of".

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